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"Our reflection we paint true
By what we say and do."
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When in others goodness we see,
We can then know the same can be,
Within ourselves if we so choose
To allow the good, the bad to lose.

For what in others we've recognised,
We've then unveiled, undisguised,
A true Reflection of both dark and light,
What is wrong and what's right is right.

What in others we see and do admire,
The very same for, we should aspire.
What in others we find appalling,
We should be in ourselves uninstalling.

When good in others we do see,
We should not harbour jealousy.
Instead incorporate their goodness shown,
Make it part of us, our very own.

This is how we grow, become mature,
Build self worth, become secure,
In ourselves, who we are,
Polishing to shine our inner star.

We see in others our own Reflection,
Which then affects our own projection.
What we project is what we grow,
In our gardens of life that we sow.

The things we say; the things we do
Paint our Reflection in a way that's true.
So, our words and actions we project
Only on ourselves they do reflect.

💗 Have a blessed day! 💗
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