Friday, September 18, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

Listen to what is said but listen closely to what is not,
The fore you're to remember but the latter meant to be forgot.

~ Artsieladie Quote

"Between The Lines"

Guilty folks will give themselves away
More in what they don't than in what they do say.
The more they try convincing you it's the truth from their lips,
What they avoid saying becomes their give away tips!

Listen to the unspoken, the omitted more carefully
For here lies the truth they'll wish not for you to see.
Yes, read the written lines but also read between;
Watch for discrepancies meant to be unseen.

If Between The Lines matches what is on the line said,
The chances are good then Truth to you's been fed.
But if the in between and on the lines don't match,
Be the wiser one on guard and be not a fool to catch.

It may take a bit of time to figure out if one's being true,
But it's time well spent to know if one's fooling you,
Because over time is revealed consistency or not;
Truth needs no memory but lies become forgot.

Truth is unchanging; to keep track of is not needed,
Whereas lies need rehearsing, need to be repeated.
If someone is lying, as their stack of lies grows bigger,
They can't recall all and so they trip their own trigger.

Be forewarned, however, if you discover one who's fake
And can then expose them, do make no mistake,
They will be displeased with you to the umpth degree
And your character's assassination you will come to see.

Poem by Artsieladie/Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2015-09-18 14:11:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

"When we resolve our issues or an honest effort to is applied,
Our character's integrity remains, which we can know with pride."

~ Artsieladie Quote
"Character Cracks"
Poem/art by Artsieladie

Full Size PNG:

When we make amends, we close and seal cracks,
Keep our footing solid as we forward make tracks.
On our pathway of life, we stay on solid ground,
If we walk in humbleness, always Truth bound.

When we allow our differences left without resolution,
Cracks begin to form in our character's constitution.
True peace can't be had or felt within our hearts,
If we're burdened with the stress of many cracked parts.

So fix those Character Cracks before they're too big to fill.
Remember there's a way always if there is a will
To work things out amicably with the ego left excluded,
While honesty and compassion with Love are included.

But if you try to resolve issues with a humble heart and mind,
And the other person chooses to be unyielding and unkind,
You'll be the bigger person left with no crack in your heart,
While the other person will retain a cracked and broken part.

Poem by Artsieladie/Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2015-09-17 07:09:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits - original background design:
Author: Arthéa

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Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

The Internet is like a jungle with so many fakes, impostors, pretenders, predators, opportunistic leeches, scam artists, hackers, stalkers, etc.. It can be difficult to weed through them all to find someone who actually is true and real. But even against the odds, we can find a true and honest soul on occasion and each find is indeed a blessing.
"Jungle Flower"
Poem by Artsieladie
Full Size PNG:

People say they care when they don't really care at all,
But it sounds good and by saying so, they don't feel as small.
People tend to say what will serve themselves the best,
Hoping they won't be called upon to prove by any test.

People like to say lots of stuff they don't really mean,
They're simply performing so with favour they'll be seen.
To keep up appearances they make sure they appear
Like they are wonderful and caring as well as sincere.

Oh, all the fake personas out there, especially on the 'Net,
Who profess they Love and care, and you, they never will forget,
But as soon as your presence isn't as much as it used to be,
They'll forget you exist along with what they claimed emphatically.

Real is real. Truth is truth. Both are constant and consistent,
And so this goes with people, true friendship is persistent.
Fair weather friends shine on sunny days when there's no rain,
But true friends keep shining through in storminess and pain.

The 'Net is like a jungle, tough to get through,
All so overgrown, at times, treacherous too,
But ever so often we are blessed to find
A flower in the thicket of the rarest kind.

This flower we can add to the garden in our heart,
Knowing its beauty will remain, always be a part,
Of who we are today and in all our days ahead,
Always adding beauty uniquely in our flower bed.

Then, as for those who are plastic and pretend,
They matter not as a fair weather friend.
Only those who shine when our skies are grey
Are the flowers we must cherish each and every day.

Their presence may be obscured when from our eyes we see,
But their fragrance and their beauty in our heart will always be.
A Jungle Flower is a treasure, indeed, a miracle to find
Amongst the jungle of the 'Net so often fake and unkind.

Poem by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2015-08-17 01:15:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Graphics art by Artsieladie
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Additional Credits - background jungle image:
Author: Hans

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Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

It's the Little Things that DO mean the most. The "little" acts and gestures of kindness, affection, thoughtfulness, caring, and appreciation that 'seem' so insignificant, are presumed to be unnoticed and/or unappreciated mean way more to me than any big or grand display of the aforementioned. In fact I will look for the Little Things. ...And a person who pays mind to, to initiate little gestures of the aforementioned also shows positively in their character.

"The Little Things we think to do and/or to say
Warm the hearts of Loved ones in a special kind of way."

~ Artsieladie Quote

"Little Things"
Art/poem by Artsieladie
Full Size PNG:

Little things mean the most but all too often are forgot.
Like seasonings of life, without them, life has flavour not.
The finest cuisine is dependent upon the richness of flavour,
How seasoned with herbs and spices to enjoy and to savour.

Little things are special touches, each one a treat,
Making something good more delectable and sweet.
Little things without, we can exist and survive,
But little things with, make us feel so much more alive.

It's the little things we tend to overlook,
Seemingly too small to enter in our book,
But when all is said and done and if we're minus of,
A huge chunk is missing in regards to Love.

Art/Poem by Artsieladie/Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2015-08-17 All rights reserved.
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Graphics art by Artsieladie
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Additional Credits:
My inspiration for this poem: Naomi Allen

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

I believe everyone has within that grows,
Love in the form of a gorgeous rose.
But some keep it buried under mountains of debris,
Kept in total darkness, their rose, no one can ever see.
~ Artsieladie Quote

Sometimes the prettiest rose can be found among the thorns,
Behind the hurt and pain in the heart the rose adorns.

~ Artsieladie Quote
"The Rose Amidst The Thorns"
Poem/art by Artsieladie

Full Size PNG:

1) As my way is made among the thorns,
An inner beauty a rose adorns.
A darkness present, tries to hide,
Still, the rose blooms bright inside.

The thicket of thorns, of brambles too,
Meant to discourage my getting through
To reach the rose, the sweetness of,
To taste, to touch, to feel its Love.

There's ice that's formed in places thick,
Yet, cause me not to make judgment quick.
For a rose to grow needs warmth and care,
So more than cold is dwelling there.

The blooming rose, its beauty showing,
Incites my senses, reminds my knowing,
Not easily held are treasures true,
Obstacles mount with search in lieu.

My intuition that lead me here
Detects not even an ounce of fear.
My curious nature now in command,
Right in sync with my heart's demand.

Inside my being there's building suspense,
Desire swelling, growing more intense.
As now the fragrance of the luring rose,
Perfumes the air, captures my nose.

Groping blindly through the dark,
While prickly thorns leave their mark.
The chilling cold, icicle forms,
Frozen remnants of painful storms.


2) The terrain is rough, ever daunting,
But abortive thoughts aren't haunting,
My curious nature, my intuitive heart,
Pushes me onward away from the start.

Until at last I'm bramble free,
A blessed warmth spreads over me.
The ice once thick is now all unfroze,
And I'm in the presence of a gorgeous rose!

As I stand in awe at this sight profound,
I know I'm standing on precious ground,
For the gorgeous rose glowing before my eyes,
Grows from the heart of the soul it beautifies.

I longed to touch but I refrained,
Such beauty before me mustn't be waned.
Should I touch, would it disappear?
Just the thought brought me fear.

My being possessed with adulation,
My heart touched, full transformation,
For suddenly I felt consumed by Love
And all its magic, made hence, thereof.

All pain forgotten through my pursuit,
As I savour this delicious fruit.
For there is no greater than Love to reap
And nothing more worthy than Love to keep.

My way I made among the thorns,
I found the heart the rose adorns;
A journey again I'd gladly take,
Because and for the precious sake...
Of Love.
And now...
Through all the pain and all the grief,
I still can find such great relief,
For inside I see yet a gorgeous rose,
Still so beautiful and still it glows.
And yes, I feel and know it's true,
The beauty that beats inside of you!

"Unhidden Rose"
Poem/art by Artsieladie

Full size PNG:
1) Why is it do you suppose
I will search for one's rose;
Brave the brambles and the thorns
To seek the rose one's heart adorns?
There was a time when too
My rose was deeply hidden.
Anyone who dared to enter
Was harshly so, forbidden.
Then one day a BRAVE soul
Dared to take a chance,
Determined as they were,
Stood firm in their stance...

2) ...The bravest of souls I must say
To take on such a feat,
But through the thicket dense,
They denied defeat.
When at last they reached
My guarded, precious rose,
The rest is history now,
No more hidden as it glows.
But should my rose be harmed,
Cause my heart to pain,
Beware of serious damage,
The brambles still remain!

Poems/Added rose/Quotes by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
 Poem (main-#1): ©2014-02-04 09:07:00 (EST)
Poem (inlay-#2): ©2015-08-25 03:52:00 (EST)
Images: ©2015-08-25
All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits:
Original background image: Author - TanteTati

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Saturday, August 15, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

People do change, often when you are least suspecting,
Even if they change with how themselves they are projecting.

~ Artsieladie Quote

This poem was inspired by this post/image on one of my favourite blogs: Truth Follower

Truth Follower image.

Image url:

"People Change"

Rest assured, People Change from one day to the next,
Leaving you in puzzlement, bewildered and perplexed.
Today they'll Love you, cherish you, this they will declare,
But when tomorrow rolls around, not an ounce will they care.
Today, they'll profess their Love for you as solid and profound,
Claim they are blessed and fortunate for having you, found.

But then suddenly in a flash, in the wink of an eye,
They'll abandon ship, leave you wondering why.
They'll offer no explanation for keeping their distance
Nor how you've become the bane of their existence.
All that endless Love today will suddenly dissipate,
Be replaced by bitterness, resentment, even hate.

Where you were once their source of happiness and joy,
You'll become who they talk against, seeking to employ
The sympathy from others to justify their behaviour, fickle,
So they can worm their way out of being in a pickle.
To your face they'll pretend they don't know who you are,
While with others they'll seek to your reputation mar.

While once you could trust them with your private stuff,
When they turn against you, they can't spill enough
About you they have learned when everything was swell.
They'll blabber to others what they swore they'd never tell.
The trust that was built, or so you thought,
Will be obliterated and they will care naught.

When a relationship dissolves, regardless of the type,
All your personal details will be woven in their gripe.
A best friend of today can become an enemy tomorrow,
Leave you to agonize with regret and bitter sorrow.
Yes, People Change, very few are constantly consistent
For most are easily swayed, self disciplined resistant.

But there are a few who will and can stay the course,
Treasure these few always, do value and endorse.
So rare to find is one who won't cave under pressure,
And such a one's value you can't ever even measure.
Rest assured, People Change with the exception of a few,
Who remain reliably consistent and always, always true.

So, of the most or of the few, which are you of these,
Someone solid as a rock or as changeable as the breeze?
Do you walk among the many or walk among the few?
To what you profess and declare, how true are you?

Poem by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2015-08-15 05:58:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Graphics art by Artsieladie
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Additional Credits:
See above.

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Friday, August 14, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

In and throughout life, there are always "Choices" we must make and it's by the "Choices" we make, who we are as individuals is depicted. Whether we are respectable and honourable people or not is ENTIRELY "our decision", is ENTIRELY at our command.

Poem/art by Artsieladie
PNG url:

Where I have dominion, the liability rests with me,
Is with who and what I choose of myself to be.
There is no one else I can credit or place on the blame,
Of who and what I am, either of honour or with shame.

I am a Work In Progress who can grow or not,
Be someone worthy to remember or best be forgot.
I can choose which path of life to travel on along,
Either one of right or a path knowingly is wrong.

Because I am human, mistakes come along with being,
But it's up to me as to who's I will be seeing,
Whether I will see, be acknowledging of my own
Or only see and point the finger at others to atone.

I know I'll make mistakes, have made many thus far,
Many have left me with a reminding, battle scar.
I can deny ownership of, choose none to claim,
But if I do, the lesson with, I also do the same.

I have so many Choices but it's with what I choose
That will either lead me to win or lead me to lose.
There are always Choices to be made and must be
And it's with my Choices what reflects on me.

"The Choices we make, on who we are, reflect,
Making us unappealing or someone to respect."

Poem/quote/art by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly   
©2015-08-14 11:53:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Graphics art by Artsieladie
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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

The scariest thing in life can be
Following our heart, no guarantee,
What may happen, joy or pain,
With all to lose or much to gain.
Uncharted waters, a mystery,
Can bring us joy or misery,
But we can't know what could be,
If we let our fears referee.
In life there's always risks to take,
But with our heart want no mistake
For a wounded heart is pain to feel
And so extremely hard to heal.

"Knock, Knock"

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear.
Dear sweet Heart 'tis Love I bear,
The deepest kind, indeed is rare.
Open your door please, I beg of you,
For the Gift of Love, oh so true,
Is yours to keep, yours to hold,
Forever young, never old."

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear.
I've traveled far from distant shore
To be standing here before your door.
Your Lamp of Love so brightly burning
Led my heart to its impatient yearning.
My fear is great, but greater still,
Is my heart's desire, Love and will."

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear.
What I wear upon my sleeve,
Evident to prove, not deceive,
Unwrapped, unhidden, with no shame,
See inscribed your given name.
This special delivery I must make.
A no from you I cannot take."

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear."

Just a crack, opens the door,
Then hesitation to self explore.
Who is this who does descend,
A foe to fear or Loving friend?
Some time passes to process thought,
To take a chance or better naught.

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear.
I come to you, your tender place,
With fear of rejection on my face.
Tears of joy or tears of pain,
All to lose or all to gain,
Will there be either, or,
As here I stand at your door?"

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear.
My own heart is pounding fast,
A new future or repeat of past,
Panicked, wondering, intensely shy,
Asking self, have come, should I?
To turn and run, it's much too late,
For your answer I must wait."

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear.
Before your door, here I stand,
My anxious heart now in hand.
Through the crack, your warmth I feel.
A glimpse of Love by chance I steal.
The beating of your heart, its vibration,
Beats with mine, extreme sensation."

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear.
Each passing moment is more intense.
Please don't keep me in suspense.
To you my Love I extend and give,
My heart in yours wants to live
And yours in mine, our hearts connected,
All others forsaking and thus rejected."

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear.
Both our hearts have wounded been.
Neither wants to be thus again,
But can we afford to pass Love by?
Shouldn't we once more give Love a try?
Our Love could be the Love unending,
Sublime, surreal, for always transcending."

*Knock, Knock*
"May I come in, enter here?
Let me in, please my dear."

Your door now opening, widely more,
Your fragrance of Love I'm longing for
Is drifting outward, me, surrounding,
Elated with joy, my heart pounding.
Before my tear filled eyes you stand,
Reaching out for my trembling hand.

*Click, Click*
The door closes with the sound behind,
As within your heart, myself I find.
Inside at last, in your arms so tight,
My world is suddenly, perfectly right.
At last I feel I'm where I've belonged
In the arms of the one for whom I've longed.
I've traveled far, following my heart,
But distance can't keep Love apart.

Poem by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2014-10-11 08:01:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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Graphic pen by Artsieladie

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Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

Love flavours life, making life much more delicious
And for warming of the heart, Love is most nutritious.

~ Artsieladie Quote

"Flavour With Love"
Poem/design by Artsieladie
PNG url:

There is a certain flavour
In life we're all in need of.
It is a special spice,
Namely, it's called Love!

It makes everything sweeter,
In life on which we dine,
When we add Love,
Everything's more fine!

Sprinkle on some Love,
And you will come to see
Life tastes much better,
You'll definitely agree!

In fact, you'll like it so much
You won't after be without
And you'll be pouring it
On everything no doubt!

I give to you a sample
A little Love to try
And I'll guarantee
You'll generously apply!

Poem/design by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2014-10-04 01:39:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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Graphic pen by Artsieladie

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Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

"Letter To God"
Art/poem by Artsieladie
PNG url:

Dearest God,

I thank You for this day, I thank You for this week.
I thank You for Your Guidance with everything I seek.
I thank You for Your countless blessings bestowed upon me,
Especially for the Gifts to share so others can also blessed be.

I thank You for my family, those of blood and not
And for the cherished memories I have not forgot.
I thank You for my friends, every one a treasure,
To say how much, there are no words to measure.

I thank You for supplying all that I may need,
And for Your Patience when Your Wisdom I don't heed.
I thank You for all the Miracles of Life that can't be imitated
And for this World of Wonders, You, with Love Created.

I thank You for the courage when I am lost and weak
And for Your Listening even when I cannot speak.
I thank You for Your Light You keep shining every day,
A Beacon when I'm lost, can't seem to find my way.

I thank You for the strength when struggles grace my path
And Your Forgiving, when I'm besieged with bitter wrath.
I thank You for Believing that I can do a task,
Even when I'm doubtful about that which You ask.

I thank You for Your Words of Truth. I thank You for Your Love.
I thank You for Your Presence, within, around, above.
Dearest God, Most Merciful, Most Gracious, Most Adored,
I Praise You, Exalt You, Most Highest, You, my Lord!

With Love always,
Your thankful servant. ♥ ♥ ♥


So often we turn to God in our times of need.
In our desperation we go to Him to plead
For His Help, His Guidance, to fix what has been broken,
But when all is well, so fewer words to Him are then spoken.
So this makes me wonder how often He must yearn
For some words of gratitude without requesting a return.
Few of us humans like the feeling when we're being used.
If only called upon to serve a purpose, we are not amused.

When we deal with others, we should the Golden Rule apply,
Treating others how we wish to be is the way to live by.
So why do we tend to treat our Lord with the same that we reject
And call only upon Him when there's a favour we expect?
This letter is addressed to God. I know He will Hear,
From my heart to His meant to only bring Him cheer.
There are no requests from me, only thankfulness
For all the ways He Blesses me, yet too many to express. ♥ ♥ ♥

Poems by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2014-09-27 19:16:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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Graphic pen by Artsieladie

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

"A spark can ignite the Flame of Love potentially to be sublime,
But Love can only become True Love by enduring the test of time."

~ Artsieladie Quote

Poem/photo edit by Artsieladie
"True Love Journey"

"It's easy to Love the good in one and the joy to us they bring.
During the blissful times when with joy our hearts will sing.
But when the one we Love has hurt us, caused us grief and dismay,
And still we Love them through it and in spite of anyway,
This is the Love we long for, true, surreal, and sublime,
The True Love that endures all, withstands the test of time."

But few reach this level of True Love most have in their quest,
Because so few are truly willing to of all themselves invest.
Partial effort or a part of themselves is not what is enough,
For whatever is needed must be given to and for True Love.

With all the Elements of Love, there can no shortage be,
Like Trust, Forgiveness, Compassion dressed in Humility.
In True Love there is no place for egos and their pride,
Because egos breed the negatives, inviting a divide.

Love is being kind, affectionate, about the other caring more
Than for thyself and True Love keeps no record or no score.
True Love is a journey that two souls travel on together,
Where two hearts remain connected through all kinds of weather.

Both hearts must care equally and Love each other with respect,
Domination, possessiveness, and jealousy, all these reject.
Neither heart is more important for both compliment the whole,
Both hearts are invaluable in body, mind, and soul.

True Love begins with Love, a spark of igniting the fire,
But only Love that grows and deepens won’t ever then expire,
Transforming into True Love few couples find obtainable,
For although Love’s present, the Love’s so often unsustainable.

When some Elements of Love are missing or in short supply
And/or Love’s opposites are allowed to invade and amplify,
The all that most expect and if not willing to give the same,
Most then come up short without True Love as theirs to claim.

The True Love Journey, an elusive journey, most all hope to find,
But few are willing to truly invest all, their heart, soul, and mind.
For this reason few find True Love after Love’s initial spark,
Because the Flame of Love burns out before they can upon, embark.

Poem/Image design by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2015-07-14 08:22:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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Graphic pen by Artsieladie

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Additional Credits:
Original image for background: Author - ArmyGma
Art by Artsieladie

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

Inspirational credit: Thanks to dear Naomi Allen​... her Pearls of Wisdom:
"❤ It's true what they say "We teach people how to treat us by what we allow." As children we may have limited power and choice but as adults the responsibility is ours to stand up and say NO to anyone treating us badly - regardless of the relationship..... Surprisingly the world doesn't end only the dysfunction in the relationship does."

Always inspiring hope with encouraging words of,
Always dispensing both with her Heart of Love!
((hugs)) xoxox

"Keep On Shining"

When another treats you badly, testing your reserve,
Abusively with disrespect in ways you don't deserve,
It's because they're unhappy with themselves as they see
And seek then to bring down others to share in their misery.

Rather than taking the initiative to themselves improve,
They try to pull others down into their bleak, dismal groove.
Folks who live in misery resent those who rise above,
Accept the elements of hatred instead of cultivating Love.

These such individuals become and are so addicted
To the drug of misery and can't see they have inflicted
Upon themselves the state they're in, choosing thus to wallow,
Cloak themselves in darkness, sucking others in to follow.

They will try to steal your Light, blow your candle out,
Undermine your confidence, causing you to self doubt,
But don't let them do this, steal from you your Light.
Instead keep doing your best, keep your candle bright.

Some folks within themselves see no fault or blame,
For a person lost in darkness without a candle flame
Cannot see what's hidden in their dark and gloomy place,
Until another's Light reveals what they do not wish to face.

When they're made to see what they're harbouring inside,
Too painful to accept, they call on their ego and its pride
To do what ego does best, which is deception of its host,
Disowning that which needs to be focused on the most.

Declining ownership of their traits less appealing,
Because of discomfort with themselves they're feeling,
They in turn fling them in the direction of the Light,
Both to rid themselves and dim one who is shining bright.

They can choose to ignite, bring flame to their spark,
Dwelling deep inside them, obscured by the dark
Or they can choose to remain in darkness, tread,
In their state of misery, refuse from to be led.

There will be some who will want and will choose to change,
Who will look closer into themselves to better rearrange
Their priorities to place Love's Elements above bitters of hate,
So they too can rise above for Light their darkness to negate.

But there'll be those who'll choose to in their quagmire wallow,
Stubbornly rebuke change and into the Light refuse to follow.
Not only will they choose to in their murky waters stay,
They'll be consumed with desire to steal your Light away.

When another treats you badly, testing your reserve,
Abusively with disrespect in ways you don't deserve,
Just Keep On Shining bright your Light, brilliantly present,
Others can choose to shine with you or labour in lament.

"When others treat us badly, testing our reserve,
Abusively with disrespect in ways we don't deserve,
We must Keep On Shining, keep shining bright,
And never allow others to steal away our Light!"

Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2015-07-11 08:49:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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Thanks to my dear, dear friend, Naomi Allen​ 
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

When I posted this poem on Facebook, some comments went like this:

Commenter: Awesome Artsieladie my friend""" A truth beautifully narrated with sweeter way""" voice of billions of hurted hearts
God bless you friend.. ♥

January 29, 2014 at 2:49am
Sharon Donnelly: Thank you. I think it's one of the cruelest things one can do is play with another's heart and emotions, having no intentions of really ever loving them for real. God bless you too my friend..♥
January 29, 2014 at 2:56am
Commenter: You're very right...And nowadays its so common on social media, where innocent souls are cheated by the fakes....
January 29, 2014 at 3:08am
Sharon Donnelly: So true unfortunately. I guess when some people go on the Internet, they forget to bring along their conscience or perhaps, they intentionally leave it behind.
January 29, 2014 at 3:17am

Trouble is, the "Commenter" stating what they did just previously, "And nowadays its so common on social media, where innocent souls are cheated by the fakes....", was the very same person who, a few months later began to get really sweet on me and then professed his PROFOUND Love to/for me, plus with so many images of flowers, hearts, lovey-dovey stuff, and so much other super sweet and fragrant talk, KNOWING all the while what he was professing to me was FAKE! The point is, even people who "seem" to be true and real, aren't, even when they speak against "fake-ism". So apparently I would become the innocent soul cheated by the fake, him. :(

..And then when I was able to put pieces together that were indicative of he not caring as he had professed, well then I became the bad person, of course. The Truth always comes out sooner or later and when it does, the fakers, the liars, the connivers, etc. don't like it and try to shift the blame onto someone else, like the one they've wronged especially.

Image from a favourite blog of mine:
"Don't Toy With My Heart"

Don't Toy With My Heart; don't play your game,
Don't mess with my mind, call it love as you claim.
Don't tease me, don't taunt me, don't tantalize...
Don't lie, don't cheat, nor try to disguise,
The fake in your heart you are feeling,
Pass me by, mine you're not stealing.
My love I'll give to a heart who'll return it
And not to a heart who'll only burn it.

So please...
Don't even knock upon the door of my heart,
And there'll be no finish without a start,
To bring me heartache and pain to endure
Is not what I want nor am I looking for.
One piece of advice before you leave,
The day is coming when you shall grieve,
Not for the hearts you've hurt in your wake,
But for your own when it becomes at stake.

Don't Toy With My Heart; don't play your game.
Keep on truckin' and bear the shame,
For one who plays with another's emotions,
Will weep one day rivers and oceans.
If you don't love me, then leave me be,
There are many, many more fish in the sea,
One day you'll fall for a heart like your own
And you shall reap just what you've sown.

"Pretending to love and care knowing it's not true,
Is toying with another's heart, a heartless thing to do."

Poem/Quote by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2014-01-29 02:11:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

Men in general are known to conceal and hide their feelings and emotions. For centuries it has been instilled in men that showing their feelings and emotions is an indicator of a man being weak if he does. Personally, I like it especially when a man shows his feelings and emotions because it shows he has a heart. I think a man who does is a strong man because for a man it takes courage to do so and it shows he is true to himself and he's comfortable with and confident in himself and doesn't allow society or others to dictate who he is.

But when it comes to a woman, part of her beauty lies within her showing feelings and emotions for she shows then her heart, her compassion and passion, her warmth, her softness, her Love. An "Iron Woman" is not to be confused with a "Strong Woman" however, for they are not the same. I think what I'm trying to say is best explained on this Facebook post: 

Which I'm quoting here from but translated:
"Many women are trying to reach to a form of emotional stability, or constancy, where they can always have the same mood and always accomplish the same end, and always be the same as yesterday and tomorrow. So they practice meditation, mindfulness and undergo various therapies to be quiet and emotionally identical and avoid fluctuations.

But being emotionally alike every day is a masculine quality that the masculine brain, the masculine body and the masculine hormones supports - it is one of Shiva's qualities, the universally masculine. It is not what the female body, mind and energy can or should be.

When a woman is trying to become emotionally one every day, and to avoid fluctuations and changes, she cuts herself off from his energy, his heart, his true nature, and from everything that can create, enchant, seduce, and give the whole world glow and life.

The art of a woman is not to avoid emotional fluctuations, but to love one's feelings, express them in love and take care of them and respect them - that is where she connects with his energy, his full sensuality, creative abilities and his ecstasy.

It is just so sad to see a woman suppress her feelings and try to get them to go away as it is to see a man suppress his strength, vision of life and its purpose.

Female, love your body and your feelings - and you will see a completely different response from the world around you and within you."
- Shakti.

A good description of a "Strong Woman" can be read here:

"Iron Woman"

Never shows emotion nor that she has a heart.
Always so composed, each and every part.
When one is near her, a cold chill they'll feel,
When she looks at you, her eyes are like steel.

Her words, when she speaks, are without life,
I pity the poor man who takes her as his wife.
Always so practical, where Love doesn't thrive
And without Love, one can't really be alive.

A woman without emotion is like a black night,
No moon, no stars, all wonder lost from sight.
A woman who expresses not feelings or emotions,
Is like waterless, the being of the seas and oceans.

To see an Iron Woman is truly sad, such a pitiful tragedy
All that beautifies her's locked up, thrown away the key.
What it must be like to appear more like a man
Than to set free her heart like only a woman can.

I am not an Iron Woman nor will I ever be.
I have too much Love inside to not let others see.
Yes, I am emotional and yes my feelings show,
And my heart is clearly visible for everyone to know.

I can't imagine being any other way
Nor do I want to be, my real is on display,
For I do not spend time on or make the mistake,
To waste my energy on being anything of fake.

No one ever has to guess where I'm coming from.
I speak from my heart. Love beats my drum.
If I had to be an Iron Woman, impossible this would be,
Because having a heart full of Love fuels my creativity!

Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2015-05-04 21:11:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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