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Time seems like such a 'simple topic', but time is so very precious. Yet, I dare say, we waste so much of it and on things so foolish, frivolous, pointless, and petty, like senseless bickering, attacking each other for no valid reason, taking from others, dwelling negatively on our differences, lusting for money and materialistic possessions... to name some.

"Time, we take it for granted, our life, throughout,
Until we have no more time to even talk about."

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"The Hands On The Clock"
The Hands On The Clock poetry by Artsieladie
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The Hands On The Clock go round and round,
Regardless of silence or of sound;
Regardless of what is in the air,
Joy to reap or grief to spare.

The Hands On The Clock keep on turning,
Regardless of contentment or of yearning;
Regardless of whether those so dear
Are lost from us or we're holding near.

The Hands On The Clock go right on spinning,
Regardless of whether we're losing or winning,
Whether a battle or race or a climb so high;
Whether under the moon or the sun in the sky.

The Hands On The Clock in constant rotation,
For time's committed to endless duration.
Our own world can stop in the beat of a heart,
But time ticks on with no end to restart.

The Hands On The Clock, always in motion,
No counter clockwise, just forward devotion,
Regardless of what with our time, we do,
Each tick of time has just one single debut.

The Hands On The Clock keep ticking away,
Constantly, continually, day after day.
We can't stop time but we can learn to cherish
Those who are dearest before they perish.

The Hands On The Clock warn us with each tick
That we're wasting moments that add up quick,
When life and Love for granted, we take,
Until there's no more time to, adjustments, make.

The Hands On The Clock, each hourly chime,
We seem to hear not the ticking of time,
Until at our end we are forced to meet,
Realise that our time we can't repeat.

The Hands On The Clock are tick-tocking away,
Second by second and day after day.
Whether we use wisely or waste the ticks,
Time says only to us, "Macht nichts"!

The Hands On The Clock, be vigilant with, to,
For today is the day without further adieu
To make each moment count, as well our blessings;
Cherish and savour life's garnishes, dressings.

The Hands On The Clock tick to remind us
Not to waste time on things that blind us,
But to instead honour the life we are livin';
Exalt our Creator for our life He's given.

💗 Have a blessed day! 💗
Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2018-10-09 17:46:00 (EDT)
All rights reserved.
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"Have a blessed day; count your blessings, every one,
As your day begins, throughout, and when your day is done."
~ Artsieladie Poetic Quote
Art by Artsieladie

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