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I LOVE horses!!! I love animals and nature but horses, if such is possible, I feel a kindred spirit with especially. When I see some horses grazing in a pasture at a distance hard for me to see them well, I just call to them with some whinnies and they will come right up to the fence blessing me with my favourite eye candy so nicely up close. 

Nightstar by Artsieladie
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As amber rays wane with their task done,
The melting of the rainbow, pleasing Mr. Sun,
Setting colours free across a canvas, blue,
To paint a new marvel, a mix of every hue,
It's a grand display at the closing of the day
Before the night falls and on Mr. Moon, calls.

As colours dance and mingle in a spectrum unrestrained,
With brilliancy unmatched, the world is entertained.
The commotion creates a mist spraying across the earth,
An added splendor dazzles preventing any equal worth.
As the canvas of the sky captures every seeing eye,
All of nature just below reflects, adding to the show. 

At this time of grandeur, magnificence emerges
With the beckoning of my longing, silent are my urges.
As the beating of my heart crescendos, echoed is the sound
By the beat of thundering hooves across reflective ground.
The first star of night of rippling muscle might
Nears with gliding grace, racing towards my embrace.

O, thy gallant steed, king of mountain, hill, and vale,
The envy of all who've heard the stallion's, legendary tale.
His blood flows through the veins of herds far and wide,
Wild and untamed, Nightstar, takes no mare for his bride.
This gallant steed and I, all reason we defy;
As the rays are to the sun, in spirit we are one.

As he nickers soft and low with his muzzle in my palm,
We synchronize in thought, breathing in the calm.
A new adventure awaits with the rising of the moon;
When the owls awaken with commencement of their tune. 
Grabbing mane thick and long, upon his back so strong,
I mount my beloved steed, swifter than any wind's speed.

The twinkling of the stars begins, an introduction for
Mr. Moon's stage appearance like many times before.
The stallion's impatience swells, rearing, paws the sky,
Trumpeting the heavens, as hills and mountains amplify.
As clouds cluster in a curtain, a sudden hush makes certain,
Mr. Moon's perched in place and ready to show his smiling face.

Again, Nightstar sounds his trumpet, with a trail of snorts,
Rounding up the breezes, to the heavens the wind of, escorts
A swirling, twirling force opening the curtain cluster wide,
Revealing Mr. Moon in all his glory, vainly filled with pride.
As power surges beneath my seat on my equine, superb athlete,
I quiver with sheer delight, as we charge into the waiting night.

Where we travel to on this night, the choice is up to him,
For anywhere is alright aboard my prized, majestic gem.
O, my noble Nightstar, so wild, born only to be free,
Magnificent you are and bound we are by Love's loyalty.
O, thy gallant steed, wherever you may roam,
My heart will always need to be with you, at home.

💗 Have a blessed day! 💗
Art/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
Art: ©2016-04-13 11:57:00 (EDT)
Poem: ©2018-06-22 11:22:00 (EDT)
All rights reserved.
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Art by Artsieladie