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You can follow your heart all you want,
But if to a heart that's cold, nonchalant,
Or unreceptive for whatever reason,
It's best to say so long to a season
Where love once had a chance to bloom,
But the receiving heart for, would make no room.
You can't get blood out of a stone
And love for two can't thrive alone
In a heart of one, the other naught,
Where by their ego one is caught.
Arrogance does, humbleness steal
And the pride derived cannot feel
The love vibrations from another's heart.
So, this love for two can never start.
~ Artsieladie Poetic Quote 

"She Followed Her Heart"
She Followed Her Heart poem by Artsieladie

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She followed her heart to a distant shore,
And knocked upon the beckoning door.
The one inside when once did hear,
Although expecting, froze in fear,
And now refuses to let her in,
Denying love that could have been.

So in dreams she haunts his sleep,
Because of love he didn't keep.
Yet by day in shadows lurking,
Watches her as she's working;
While she plays and chats with friends,
On and on, it never ends.

Although so often, through glimpses caught,
She knows he's watching. He says naught.
Denying the truth, to himself he lies,
Continues charade in false disguise. 
For in her journal, a log well kept,
With data gathered, quite adept,
Evidence of, profoundly affirms,
Therefore, voiding his very own terms.

She followed her heart;
He denied his own.
She's moving on;
He's still alone.

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Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2012-05-21 All rights reserved.
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"Have a blessed day; count your blessings, every one,
As your day begins, throughout, and when your day is done."
~ Artsieladie Poetic Quote
Art by Artsieladie

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