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When we join, become a member of a website, we never think that the programmer or programmers of the site is/are going to use our login information to track us to use for deceptive purposes to cause havoc in our lives or to cause us and/or our devices harm. If this were the case, no one would be joining any site! 

I do believe for the most part, most computer programmers have and live by some sort of a code of ethics and I'm aware some tracking is done for advertising purposes. But what I speak of here is NOT about tracking for advertising purposes. My login information was used to track me, yes, but also to use it to gain access to my computers in a profoundly invasive way; to watch and see and know EVERYTHING I am doing and saying, particularly in private. ..And not only have my computers has he gained access to, but also my phones, beginning with my landline.

It's been going on for eleven plus years, almost twelve, that I've been able to trace back to and so, it's become blatantly obvious I'm dealing with a person who has no real life to speak of, of his own, if he has nothing better to do with his time than to invade my life. I would hate to have his Karma bill! He must like to paint his own portrait as a despicable human being. 

"Cyberstalking Nightmare"
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Back in two thousand plus some years more of five,
When computers I'd just met, didn't yet with jive;
When a computer was just a box of technology,
A box of fascination and luring like a giant mystery,
I ventured out onto the Web, called the Internet,
And a choice I made then became a nightmare and is yet.

In the month of March, just inside the line,
I joined a community site, thought to be fine.
At first, though a newbie, it was an enjoyable place
And I was more than delighted to meet each new face.
Besides much to learn, there were so many things to do,
A place of fantasy for artists as well as writers, too.

I grew to love this place. It was my online home
And never too far away from this site did I roam.
I became devoted and dedicated, I couldn't do enough.
Wiki work I loved along with all sorts of other stuff.
Contributing to the site with graphics, time, and money
I considered as a pleasure but my reward wasn't funny.

Later on I joined another site, for children was its fame, 
Built with like features and the owner was also the same.
In time I joined the staff who help to run each site
And became the grand mod and for awhile, all was alright.
Then the monkey business began, sporadically at first
Pranks were played on me, increasingly the worst.

I assumed they were because of a glitch or a bug,
But eventually I would lift and see underneath the rug.
The owner and the programmer, of the same identity,
Was behind the pranks that were happening to me.
I attempted to find out the what for and too, the why
From him, then others, but the results were only dry.

Instead, the owner and the staff mocked and bullied me
And I was grossly ostracised, called paranoid and crazy.
Then to add insult to injury I would also have to learn,
The second in command was plotting to destroy me and burn.
She had learned of the owner's secret activity;
Jealous she became and wanted to get rid of me.

All this was bad enough but it was just the beginning part,
For pranks became violations, the true nightmare would start.
With my login data, he was provided much information
That he would then use to track me, commit each violation.
He hacked into my emails, my websites, anywhere I was online,
Then into my computer and would gain access to my landline.

He knows everything I do, everything I say
That's done via technology, each and every day.
Eleven years and counting and this nightmare goes on
And there's nothing I can do about this spying jon.
He tracks packages right up to my front door;
Makes spam calls to my phone daily and galore.

He stalks me everywhere across the Internet,
Makes sure I know his presence, lest I should forget.
He destroyed my computer on October 4, 2015,
Fulfilling his threat to remove me from the online scene.
His presence in my life I must live with every day,
Whether I like it or not, since I'm without any say.

Yes, I've reported him to the FBI and too, the FCC.
They are well aware what he is, has been doing to me.
Still, they do nothing though equipped with resources
And many others I've pursued, many other courses.
But all avenues have led me to just another dead end
And I'm left to live with this anguish I can't mend.

Most don't want to know; most don't want to hear
About this hell I live with daily, year after year.
I try to brush it off by applying humour any time I can,
But the fact is I'm dealing with an obsessive, sick man.
He lives on his computer and hides behind it, too,
Uses his tech skills to wreak havoc, stir his sick brew.

In life we go through many unpleasant circumstances,
But eventually we get through them, can then make advances
To move forward with the ugly and the pain left behind.
We accept the fact that life can be at times quite unkind.
I keep hoping for the day, waiting to place this in my past,
But this ongoing nightmare appears it's to forever last.

How I wish I could turn back the hands of time
And know what I know now, written in this rhyme.
But I cannot and so, this torment with I must live
And grasp each spec of joy life to me will give.
To say it's not easy dealing with this nightmare I face
Is redundant but not when you're trying to do so with grace.

I've offered my forgiveness, even understanding,
But this is just a game to him, his ego is demanding.
He can't be very happy, if his life is to follow me around
Everywhere, with spam calls, as to me they are bound.
His life must be empty, of fulfillment, pitiful and lacking,
If he's so obsessed with my life to keep on with his hacking.

💗 Have a blessed day! 💗
Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2018-04-27 22:11:00 (EDT)
All rights reserved.
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