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I am a GAZILLION percent AGAINST: house of windsor (house of reptiles/serpents) agenda, the one eye/masonry occult serving satan, jesuitism (the vatican), zionism (the fake Jews)... all luciferians, all scheming to bring the New World Order (NWO) agenda to fruition for a ONE world, communist/tyrannical government (ALL nations combined into ONE), ONE world army, ONE world church (to worship lucifer/satan/devil). If the NWO comes to fruition, expect BILLIONS of people to be slaughtered for their 'depopulation agenda' and any of the 99% left will be completely at the lucifer worshiping's mercy as slaves to serve their evil pleasures, with all kinds of torture especially being their top level pleasure and there will be NO escape! 

To help one to get a clearer picture of what it would be like on earth, if the NWO comes to fruition, just imagine the horrible situation in Syria right now and so many refugees fleeing the country for their lives. The zionist MSM is NOT telling us the Truth! The wicked elite, comprised of the aforementioned partners in crime, are plotting to set the stage for a World War III, and there are a number of covert operations underway to achieve this, because on the other side of World War III is the NWO's dawning. If this happens, the ENTIRE WORLD will be in the SAME STATE as Syria is right now, except there will be no place or country to escape to, because the ENTIRE WORLD will be under ONE tyrannical government. What the Syrians are suffering now, the whole world of the 99% will be suffering the very same and WORSE and we will have NO place to flee to! As long as we, the 99%, continue to let ourselves to be distracted and divided, all designed for us to be by the wicked elite, then we can plan on this unimaginably horrible event to eventually be our fate.

What are the majority of the masses, the 99%, doing? Focusing on anything and everything BUT educating themselves with the truth! Most will watch a stupid movie or TV shows that are designed to program our minds in the elitist agenda favour. So many go all gaga over celebrities who are paid handsomely to help program our minds. MSM/TV and Hollywood are zionist/wicked elite controlled. How many are totally drawn in to all the various sports? How many are money and possessions' driven? How many are still buying and believing the zionist controlled mainstream media (MSM)? How many are into all sorts of schemes to take all they can from others, whether some sort of scamming to steal through one means or another or by actually stealing/robbing outright? How many harass, violate, impose on, etc. others? How many actually care about other people? How many cultivate a character of excellence, of integrity and virtue, by cultivating the values a character of excellence comprised of, being honest and keeping their word, humble, respectful, compassionate, kind, forgiving, empathetic instead of apathetic, etc.?

I witness it every day on the 'Net how people are hateful, spiteful, mean, cruel, heartless, etc. with all the name calling and such vulgarity! How can we, the 99%, ever do anything to stop the 1% in control of the 1% who are in control of us, the 99%, if we continually play right into OUR enemies' hands? We are 'willingly' being a divided, dumbed down bunch of sheeple!!! 

Humanity's enemy has learned very well how to capitalize on and exploit all of our human shortcomings and negative traits, especially hate and its related traits, and we're offering no resistance! Our enemy is all about hate, deceit, and wickedness. The best armor we have against them is the opposite, Love, truth, and goodness. If we partake and join in and divide ourselves with the same hate, deceit, and wickedness as our enemy is, then we are literally handing our enemy the victory they're after, which is all wrapped up in their NWO agenda. 

We NEED to educate and arm ourselves with the truth and then seek unity with Love, truth, and goodness, ALL of us of the 99%.

I wrote this poem on February 28, 2018. I just came across and watched this video today and the video/documentary does an excellent job of reiterating the subject matter of my poem. I do spend a considerable amount of time, reading and listening for the purpose of educating myself with the truth. Weeding through trying to sort fact from fiction can be pretty difficult and even grueling at times. But I keep searching and weeding. My findings are touched upon in my poem in the hopes to either help to educate people and/or to inspire people to seek to educate themselves with truth.

It's nearly three hours long, but it's much more important than watching TV promoting fake sympathy, some stupid, brainwashing movie, or playing some video game about killing, designed to desensitize us. This documentary does in fact, "connect many dots", dots we all need to be aware of and then come TOGETHER and act to stop the NWO agenda. We, the 99%, either wake up and get our act TOGETHER to save humanity OR we stay asleep in our bubbles and allow the wicked elite to destroy humanity. The choice is OURS. We need to start loving each other, caring for and about each other, and work TOGETHER to promote good among us. Only Love destroys hate; truth defeats lies and deceit, and good triumphs over evil. Love one another. 

An example of pure evil and wickedness; an example of what kind of sub-human people are planning to bring the NWO to fruition. This should make blood boil among the 99%!
The Jesuit oath:
"I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus."

"Connect The Dots"
Connect The Dots and the boxes complete
To see the true picture of the wicked elite.
It's a matrix of lies we have been fed.
For centuries most ALL humans they want dead.

They care not how their mission is done,
Through infliction of illness or by a gun.
They poison our food, water, and air;
Our hearts, our minds, and they don't care.

Instead, they rejoice, revel, and celebrate
In our destruction, induced by hate.
They exploit our weaknesses to the fullest extent,
While they pretend caring for us is their true intent.

Mainstream media serves them well,
Guarding their secrets to never tell,
While driving between us wedges so deep;
'Divide and conquer', their motto they keep.

Against each other, we're incited to fight
To keep us weak and with little might,
For the elitists know they can never succeed
Should the masses unite against their few breed.

The wicked elite, though few in number, 
Control the world's wealth as they encumber
The masses, to make us, the majority people,
Into obedient slaves, dumbed down sheeple.

Governments they own with their puppets in place,
Moving ever closer to annihilate the human race.
The terror, the wars, the mass destruction,
Is conducted by and for elitist instruction.

The biggest conglomerates all work together,
For after all, they're birds of a feather
And the feather in common they all possess,
Is to serve the wicked and satan, impress.

Our politicians are bought, not really elected.
Hence, their votes as well are the same, affected.
Lobbying is bribery, legalized and condoned,
A sure fire proof they are definitely owned.

The food industry's allowed to poison our food,
To keep us all sick, so wickedly shrewd
For big pharma to huge profits, reap,
From all of us, the American sheep!

Cancer, diabetes, all the diseases galore
Are part of the plan in the invisible war
The zionists have waged against us all,
But we aren't to know of this wicked cabal.

Obesity and sickness provides, too, a sizable yield
For the weight loss industry and the medical field.
The FDA is a joke, though not funny, indeed,
Only in place to fill big pharma's insatiable greed.

There are so many fingers dipped into the pie
All lining their pockets, so slick and sly,
Each contributing to the massive corruption,
As political puppets prevent its disruption.

Each others' backs they scratch and protect,
A network of thugs without regard or respect
For human pain, suffering, sorrow, or grief.
They relish their reaping, each heartless thief.

Health care in America, causing great debate
For deciding who gets what, is a heavyweight.
It's a hard decision, dividing the wealth,
At the expense of our wallets and grossly our health.

Insurance companies are now guaranteed
A piece of the pie for their own greed
And lawyers, well, they never lose
Gain from all sides, as they choose.

Connect The Dots to complete the boxes,
Watch closely, by more cunning than foxes,
An intricate web woven of lies and deceit
Will begin to form as each box you complete.

They seek full control of our survival;
Working overtime for a satan revival.
They have no heart, but an evil, black soul;
Serve satan faithfully to achieve his goal.

Over the world, for to, his wickedness, spread,
To slaughter the masses with horrific bloodshed,
Is in full operation though impeccably discreet,
Until all the loose ends can be tied so neat.

The new world order in a brief summation
Is to combine ALL nations into ONE nation
Placing ALL peoples under ONE rule.
It's the wicked elite's coveted jewel.

A ONE world bank to control and possess
ALL the money and gold, nothing less;
A ONE world church in the city of Rome
Is to be lucifer's house of worship's home.

A ONE world army with its commander in chief
Being none other than the master thief,
The king of torment, suffering, and pain,
Seeking out souls for hell to gain.

Under zionist rule of wicked decrees,
ALL we own they will claim and seize.
Our money, our homes as forced concessions,
Even our children will be their possessions.

No place will exist to escape to, to flee,
From extreme persecution in the worst degree.
There shall be no mercy and no remorse
With the jesuit oath in full blown force.

There are several families of the wicked elite;
The house of windsor holding the highest seat;
With the vatican involved and the papacy, 
All working together tenaciously.

Over the centuries they've intermarried
To strengthen their power, but buried
By changing names to keep disguised
Their hidden agenda and unsurmised.

Spawns of satanic descent and centuries old
With the blood in their veins, bone chilling cold.
The truth is so ugly, so evil, so tenebrific,
Our minds can't fathom how heinous, horrific.

We, the peoples, can't imagine in our mind
The massiveness, the wickedness, of EVERY kind.
THIS is the world they seek to complete,
The new world order of the wicked elite.

Connecting the dots is not a choice.
We must prevent the day the elite rejoice
Or humanity's death, we'll etch in stone,
But the ink shall run as the blood of our own.

We MUST, the horrific picture, make crystal clear,
To stop the coming of satan's world premiere
In which Hollywood would be honoured to present,
But the glory of satan's to be a world-wide event!

Connect The Dots to watch the horror unfold
And be NOT silent to keep the truth untold.
Around the world alert the masses far and wide
Of the wicked plot designed for human genocide.

Connect The Dots for we MUST address
The elitist's wickedly evil game of chess,
In which WE ARE the expendable pawns
To be left soon with NO more dawns.

We need to stop the craze
Of the needless obsessing
Over things that don't matter
And then start addressing
The looming catastrophe 
So ominously at hand,
Together as one, united,
Extinguish, disband,
The elitist agenda,
Their wicked plot,
BEFORE the time comes
We any longer cannot. 

We cannot afford to tarry,
Stand alone in our bubbles,
And ignore what's coming,
Disastrous troubles.
For if we do, our own demise
We will then etch in stone,
But the ink shall run
As the blood of our own!

💗 Have a blessed day! 💗
Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2018-02-28 11:22:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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