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I wrote this for my brother that I recently lost.......

My brother, Ed's, Memorial image. I was 'just' beginning to work digitally when I created this piece. I will be redoing it at some time in the future. ©2005/05/10 All rights reserved.

Art by Artsieladie

"My Brother's Wings"

Across the wild, blue yonder,
A new pair of wings are flying.
As a blessed, new soul
Crosses the fold
To a new life of living, not dying.

Up, up and away a new angel's risen
To try on his new pair of wings,
Where he'll sit upon high
And watch from the sky,
Where he'll reside with the 'King of Kings'.

Though his worldly life has come to a close,
But forgotten shall not be,
'Cause the light for him
Will never grow dim
In our hearts we'll carry thee.

As an American, he walked proud,
And served his country well;
As he did partake
For all our sake
To keep our Liberty Bell.

He resented injustice
And those that always would take.
Someone in need
Was his friend indeed
With no air portrayed as fake.

Family ties were important to him
For he spent much time at such,
'Cause he had to see
Know the family tree
To him this mattered much.

He loved the world that God created,
But not always those in charge,
'Cause all the self seekers
Couldn't lace his sneakers
Or match integrity this large!

He reserved for those that earned
His admiration and his trust.
Compliments from him received
Were not easy, for he believed
You, deserving be, a must.

A measure of greatness in a man is true,
As to how he regards his mother.
He loved and adored
And worshiped the board
She stands on like no other!

It was mostly within himself
As to where he found the fault
He never conceived
Nor truly believed
In his own wisdom vault.

Though he's gone on before us
And boarded that heavenly train,
We're sad, it's true,
Dismayed and blue...
But, in our hearts he shall remain.

We'll look to the heavens much brighter.
Our comfort shall come from afar,
'Cause we all will know
That a new heavenly glow
Shines from his soul...a star!

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©2005/05/10 by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Artsieladie Donnelly

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Art by Artsieladie

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