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Misery loves company... 

"The Miserable"
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With all the rotten behaviour seen on the Internet,
It is best to remember, don't let ourselves forget
That those who are with themselves, so dissatisfied,
Inflict their misery onto others to feel more gratified.

People who are bullies; are heartless, cruel, and mean,
Carry around within themselves a very ugly scene.
Because for who and what they are, they feel contempt,
They want others to be like them. No one is exempt.

Instead of taking measures to help themselves improve,
They choose to burrow deeper into the misery groove,
Because to rise above, there's initiative required
Of self motivation along with betterment desired.

Inadequacies within, though very unappealing,
The Miserable choose to compensate for by stealing
From others who have worked for and earned integrity,
As trophies for their vainness to share in their misery. 

Actions and behaviours reflect on the source
Not on intended targets nor directed course.
The Miserable are only capable of misery projection;
Their ignorance cannot grasp their miserable reflection.

Wallowers in misery seek more company,
Wanting others to feel their own misery.
Bringing down others to share their lowly roost
Is the highlight of their life and their only boost.

The Miserable will stop at nothing in their pursuit,
With no level too low to stoop to suck in a recruit.
They respect no boundaries; their wrongs they justify.
Deception of all sorts is their guide they live by.

It's important to remember to keep things in perspective,
To know the truth behind another's cruel objective.
For when we understand why others are unkind,
They cannot steal from us our own peace of mind.

When we encounter people who cause us a frowning,
We can then be sure in misery they are drowning.
When all they can project is hate and bitterness,
They're void of anything except self loathsomeness.  

However, bad behaviours we must not condone,
Incorporate or feed, make them part of our own.
Wrongs never make a right, regardless of the count,
And only right can override and the wrong surmount.

Greet negative with positive; wrongs greet with right;
Meet lies with Truth; to all darkness, meet with Light.
Never participate in an arena where there are no rules;
Where the grand prize is misery awarded by its fools.

Unless one is a hermit, hidden from the world,
It's impossible to avoid all the misery being hurled.
Though we are tempted, we must take a stand
For misery is a slippery slope right into quicksand.

We can only show others a better alternative;
The choice they make thereafter with how they live,
Is theirs and theirs alone which they will decide
To stay on misery's path or to seek a better ride.

"The Miserable among us, so rotten and so rude,
Make themselves clairvoyant with their attitude.
As they attack others, they paint their self portrait
Of their miserable existence and pathetic state."

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Poem/design by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2016-12-28 19:47:00 (EST)
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