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"With the right approach, ANY problem can be solved,
When BOTH sides decide to keep their ego uninvolved."
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"Talking Through Our Problems"
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Talking Through Our Problems with the intent to resolve,
We deny the elements in our nature, preventing us to solve.
Talking Through Our Problems with resolution as our goal,
We exhibit we want harmony among us and every living soul.

Talking Through Our Problems with our egos set aside,
Problems get solved and guilt can't then hitch a ride. 
Talking Through Our Problems with an honest, open frame of mind,
Valuable lessons are learned and when we're considerate and kind.

Egocentric people are immature, like to keep the drama stirred
And have no desire for solutions, as dissension is preferred. 
Since their ego must be pleased, they must have their own way,
Making compromise impossible and resolutions kept in delay.

Talking Through Our Problems without the need to be right,
We allow our vision to expand to make greater then, our sight.
Talking Through Our Problems being honest and sincere,
We cultivate our courage to be greater than our fear.

Talking Through Our Problems, mindfully with respect,
Our personal differences have no influence, have no effect.
Talking Through Our Problems knowing we all have faults,
Blame becomes pointless among mature, rational adults.

Humble folks are more mature; they seek peace and harmony
And have learned the value of selflessness, as well, integrity.
Humble folks have open hearts without their ego in control
And therefore, value others' feelings that matter on the whole.

Talking Through Our Problems, violence is not a choice;
Revenge is off the table with understanding in our voice.
Talking Through Our Problems, we seek to compromise,
Where all sides give and take to reach a mutual enterprise.

Talking Through Our Problems to confront them fair and square,
Relieved then are our hearts, leaving us peace within to bear.
Talking Through Our Problems, the problems go away,
No longer lingering to steal our peace on any future day.

The wisest folks among us know, to avoid extra grief and misery,
Problems must be addressed and solved to keep peace and harmony.
Talking Through Our Problems to seek and obtain resolutions,
Minus the stupidness of our ego, we're wiser to then find solutions.

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Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2018-09-26 19:39:00 (EDT)
All rights reserved.
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"Have a blessed day; count your blessings, every one,
As your day begins, throughout, and when your day is done."
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Art by Artsieladie

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