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The term, 'flying monkey' is used in psychology, referring to a person who believes and believes in another person under false pretenses and is usually associated with narcissism and narcissistic abuse, since narcissists (narcs) are known as masters of manipulation (especially through gaslighting) and of disguise (many 'masks'; impostors); are pathological liars, are extremely arrogant (either to cover their high level of insecurity and low self esteem - 'vulnerable narcissism' or because they really believe they're perfect - 'grandiose narcissism')

The person believed in, projects themselves as one of good character, when in fact, they aren't. Narcs are shallow and spineless, lack the ability to empathize, love, feel remorse, or care about anyone other than themselves. They insatiably crave attention, respect, Love, admiration, adoration, acceptance, etc., but since their personality type ultimately undermines and destroys that which they crave, to compensate they're boastful, they lie, and manipulate to control another, unable to comprehend that the very tactics they're using are really working against them. 

Flying monkeys believe in the goodness of another, though falsely projected, and are different than enablers, since enablers merely either go along with or cover up an abuser's bad behaviour. Empaths are particularly vulnerable, are easy targets for a narc and empaths provide narcs their 'narcissistic supply', which narcs feast on. Since empaths are caring, compassionate, and nurturing people, who see good in others, they're an easy mark for a narc. 

"Flying Monkey"
Flying Monkey - poetry by Artsieladie
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was once your Flying Monkey,
For I believed so much in you.
I sang loudly your praises,
As Flying Monkeys often do.

To believe you to be a narc
Was farthest from my mind,
But a heart believing can
And often is so blind.

I defended you many times
Knowing I'd be reprimanded,
Ostracised, belittled;
As crazy, even branded.

Even when the red flags
Kept appearing one by one,
I then made excuses, many,
For your wrongful deeds done.

I was warned by others,
But when one's heart is true,
They will remain steadfast;
Stay loyal through and through.

The only colours that I saw
Were of rose coloured glass.
All your other colours hidden,
In a character, cruel and crass.

I gave willingly of my time.
Endless hours were consumed,
Doing things for you, your dream,
As your ego soared and bloomed.

When the red flags became
Too many to overlook, ignore,
To be fair with you, still,
Your reason I then asked you for.

Instead of appreciating 
The chance I gave you to explain,
You attacked me viciously
And began your smearing campaign.

Your other Flying Monkeys 
You then sicced them on me,
'Cause truth I'd learned about you,
Others might also learn and see.

No morals, no ethics,
No values, no integrity,
No remorse, no shame,
No compassion, no empathy.

You're just a narc
With no heart or soul;
Just emptiness inside,
A huge, black hole.

All these years and still,
Your stylus, never does it move.
Still arrogant and superficial
And stuck in your ego's groove.

But 'this' Flying Monkey
Has landed now on solid ground.
I see you for what/who you are
And truth rings a freedom sound.

All your Flying Monkeys
Can, your bidding, do,
But eventually all will learn
The truth and will bid you then, adieu.

💗 Have a blessed day! 💗
Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2018-10-25 09:44:00 (EDT)
All rights reserved.
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As your day begins, throughout, and when your day is done."
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