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In and throughout life, there are always "Choices" we must make and it's by the "Choices" we make, who we are as individuals is depicted. Whether we are respectable and honourable people or not is ENTIRELY "our decision", is ENTIRELY at our command.

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Where I have dominion, the liability rests with me,
Is with who and what I choose of myself to be.
There is no one else I can credit or place on the blame,
Of who and what I am, either of honour or with shame.

I am a Work In Progress who can grow or not,
Be someone worthy to remember or best be forgot.
I can choose which path of life to travel on along,
Either one of right or a path knowingly is wrong.

Because I am human, mistakes come along with being,
But it's up to me as to who's I will be seeing,
Whether I will see, be acknowledging of my own
Or only see and point the finger at others to atone.

I know I'll make mistakes, have made many thus far,
Many have left me with a reminding, battle scar.
I can deny ownership of, choose none to claim,
But if I do, the lesson with, I also do the same.

I have so many Choices but it's with what I choose
That will either lead me to win or lead me to lose.
There are always Choices to be made and must be
And it's with my Choices what reflects on me.

"The Choices we make, on who we are, reflect,
Making us unappealing or someone to respect."

Poem/quote/art by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly   
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