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People do change, often when you are least suspecting,
Even if they change with how themselves they are projecting.

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This poem was inspired by this post/image on one of my favourite blogs: Truth Follower

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"People Change"

Rest assured, People Change from one day to the next,
Leaving you in puzzlement, bewildered and perplexed.
Today they'll Love you, cherish you, this they will declare,
But when tomorrow rolls around, not an ounce will they care.
Today, they'll profess their Love for you as solid and profound,
Claim they are blessed and fortunate for having you, found.

But then suddenly in a flash, in the wink of an eye,
They'll abandon ship, leave you wondering why.
They'll offer no explanation for keeping their distance
Nor how you've become the bane of their existence.
All that endless Love today will suddenly dissipate,
Be replaced by bitterness, resentment, even hate.

Where you were once their source of happiness and joy,
You'll become who they talk against, seeking to employ
The sympathy from others to justify their behaviour, fickle,
So they can worm their way out of being in a pickle.
To your face they'll pretend they don't know who you are,
While with others they'll seek to your reputation mar.

While once you could trust them with your private stuff,
When they turn against you, they can't spill enough
About you they have learned when everything was swell.
They'll blabber to others what they swore they'd never tell.
The trust that was built, or so you thought,
Will be obliterated and they will care naught.

When a relationship dissolves, regardless of the type,
All your personal details will be woven in their gripe.
A best friend of today can become an enemy tomorrow,
Leave you to agonize with regret and bitter sorrow.
Yes, People Change, very few are constantly consistent
For most are easily swayed, self disciplined resistant.

But there are a few who will and can stay the course,
Treasure these few always, do value and endorse.
So rare to find is one who won't cave under pressure,
And such a one's value you can't ever even measure.
Rest assured, People Change with the exception of a few,
Who remain reliably consistent and always, always true.

So, of the most or of the few, which are you of these,
Someone solid as a rock or as changeable as the breeze?
Do you walk among the many or walk among the few?
To what you profess and declare, how true are you?

Poem by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2015-08-15 05:58:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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