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This poem resulted from experiencing one too many times another person playing their head/mind games. Those who play head/mind games, do they think they're funny, cute, intelligent? I don't mind having a little fun, kidding around, and whatnot, but never to cause another harm, stress, or duress, because then it's not something enjoyable any longer. It's anything but.

Playing head games to torment someone is cruel, heartless, and so immature. No respectable person does such. So, what exactly does a player expect to reap? What exactly are they trying to prove and why? What for? Attention are they seeking? If they feel they have to prove something to others and/or even themselves, they're insecure, because a secure person knows who they are and likes who they are and therefore, has respect for themselves and so, secure people don't do stupid or silly actions that will make them lesser people. Children behave sometimes to gain/attract attention, but children are in their most formidable years and so, are learning. Some people need to grow up, I guess. *sigh*

I believe firmly in 'communication' that is honest, upfront, and clear. There's less room for misunderstandings and less chance for confusion as well as wrong assumptions to be made.

"Saying what you mean and meaning what you say
Makes everything easier and much better this way."
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People who play their head games, I wonder why they do,
For their lack of maturity clearly shows through.
A child is expected to, such silly games, play,
But an adult who's mature, puts childish games away.

To eliminate guesswork mature people know
Honest communication is the only way to go.
Hence, head games, the mature do not wish to play,
For they say what they mean and mean what they say.

Players, on the other hand, what do they wish to gain?
Certainly not respect for they'll likely get disdain. 
Respectable individuals do not appreciate
Head and mind games the Players like to instigate.

Beating around the bush, expecting others to guess;
Deliberately misleading but refusing to confess,
Is a player who won't choose to take a firm stand,
Since both sides of the fence on, they want to land.

Keeping avenues open so they never have to choose,
So they can tell themselves they don't ever lose,
Is the coward's way of living, feeding ego's pride,
Because they know they have not a backbone inside.

Through subtle, vague hints, the groundwork is laid,
Looking for, inviting, assumptions to be made,
So they can then declare the assumptions are all wrong,
Claim the fault and blame with others only does belong.

Presenting themselves as right and without error,
While making another of all the shame, the bearer,
In their childish minds, this is to them a score,
That in their shallow world, they aspire for.

Causing others to look and feel like they are jerks,
Is what Players think of life, are the prime perks.
If they can rally others to support their stupid games,
They can feel superior to then boast about, make claims.

Unfortunately, for Players, who they choose to be,
Their arrogance and ignorance inhibits them to see,
They are the fools; make themselves a laughing stock.
Ironically, it is they, who themselves, mock.

Players remain elusive while painting an illusion
Of sincerity and honesty, resenting a conclusion
Made by those who become wise to their petty games;
Who then alert others of a player's cunning aims.

Never trust Players, their intentions aren't pure;
For themselves only they seek, desire to secure,
What pleases them alone, often at others' expense,
Reaping all they can from both sides of the fence.

Since they keep their options open, Players won't commit,
Making their word meaningless, a pile of worthless sh**,
Which they try to change the smell of with perfume of lies,
But the fragrance of their dung, they can't for long disguise.

Since they prove to others, deception they keep sleeved,
Players can't be trusted, taken seriously, or believed.
Like the little boy who cried "Wolf"; too many times, played,
A player's honest plea others see as another game crusade.

There are many Players, but their goals are all the same,
To manipulate, exasperate; self serving is their game.
Parasitic creatures, who can't find solace in their being
Look to steal from others what within they aren't seeing.

The cruelest among the Players with others' feelings, toy,
Reeling in hearts through conning to trample and destroy;
To satisfy their arrogant ego, soothe an inner, empty feeling,
While their own happiness they prime for Karma to be stealing.

One with self respect wants no player as a lover or a friend,
As no one wants in their life a player with, they must contend.
Players may at first be successful with the games they play,
But as more see them clearly, their fake fortress falls away.

In the end the Players lose, when eventually they will learn,
When left with mirrors only of themselves, who also play to burn.
By living a life of playing games, causing others pain and grief,
Their own true happiness is stolen, of which they are the thief!

Karma has a way of getting even, equaling the score,
But Players fail to calculate what Karma holds in store.
All that's dished out must then one day be returned
And those who burn others, one day will find themselves burned.

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Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2017-09-11 02:58:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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"Have a blessed day; count your blessings, every one,
As your day begins, throughout, and when your day is done."
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