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Regret is one of those negative emotions that like other negatives, such as guilt, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, etc., rob us of the feeling of peace and contentment and subtract from our true joy and happiness as well. The more negative traits and feelings we allow to have power within us, the less joy, happiness, peace, and contentment we feel and the more miserable we are and the more contempt we have then for ourselves, which then we ultimately project. All anyone has to do is just look around, especially all over the Internet, especially through social media, to see the negative behaviour to know there are way too many miserable people out there.

Keeping ourselves free of regret and regret's guilt involves how well we have our priorities in the right order. So many are consumed with making money beyond what is needed to live and want, want, want materialistic things, possessions, and are so wrapped up in such, have no time to spare for those they truly Love and cherish, including not enough time to even express to their Loved ones what and how much they mean to them. So, ultimately we set ourselves up for regret and its guilt to eventually plague us.

The one aspect that especially comes with regret and its guilt, is you have to live with it as long as you live because you can never right it because once a person passes away, they're gone from us, from the life we are currently living, therefore, leaving us with NO recourse.

I am a firm believer in letting someone know they are Loved, they are respected, they've done something good, etc.. When we put off the opportunity, we gamble with fate, with time, and so, if we reap regret, we have no one to blame but ourselves. There's not one of us who knows when our time is up nor when someone else's time is up who we admire, Love, respect, etc.. If we are mean, hurtful, etc., these may be either our last words or the last words another one hears.

"Yesterday is gone; tomorrow may never be.
Today is all we have with a guarantee."
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When we put on hold, procrastinate,
With important matters, we hesitate,
Like telling those we Love how much we do,
Thinking there's always tomorrow for us to
Say to another how about them we feel,
Gambling with time that time won't steal
From us more chances we're delaying,
Blaming circumstances to keep from saying
What's true and real  within our heart,
What's within us, our deepest part,
The day will come when time runs out,
When we will learn well, all about
How Regret with guilt has us, burned,
And the lesson too late, we have learned.

When a Loved one's gone, they're forever gone,
Never again will they greet a day's new dawn.
All our money and our prized possessions;
All our many excuses and our obsessions
Cannot reverse, turn back the hands of fate,
Leaving our Regret in a fixed, forever state.
There's nothing we can do when time has run out
For ourselves and others, a fact with no doubt.
Knowing this, still, we gamble there will be
Another day awaiting, another we will see,
When we will then take the time before its end
To express our Love and caring and we will spend
Time with those we Love, more memories to make,
Until we're hit with reality; back, we cannot take.

When we're left with guilt from our lack of time spent
And also with Regret because words to say, we meant,
We have to face ourselves knowing we are to blame
And the fault is ours alone intertwined with shame.
All these heavy burdens we must wear and bear
All on our own since with others we cannot share.
But what we bring upon ourselves as an adult,
We must be accountable for what's our own fault.
When we take for granted those we Love and cherish
And they're lost from us forever when they perish,
We not only lose them, but our inner peace as well,
For grief with Regret runs deep within us to dwell.

In the grand scheme of life, what matters not
Is our money and possessions we have got,
For when our Loved ones, we most treasure
Are gone from us, there is no measure
Of the loss we feel, a loss so profoundly great,
Our money and possessions can’t cancel out, negate.
Yet, still we gamble with those we Love
And life's true meaning, we lose sight of,
To seek fulfillment where there is none,
Only to find wasted time cannot be undone.
"Time wasted is time lost,
We realise though, not the cost,
Until time wasted brings remorse
With no escape or recourse."

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Poem/art/quotes by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
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"Have a blessed day; count your blessings, every one,
As your day begins, throughout, and when your day is done."
~ Artsieladie Poetic Quote
Art by Artsieladie

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