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Don't mess with a cub because you'll be messing with Mama Bear! 

"Mama Bear"
Mother bear with cub -
National Park & Preserve - Alaska
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Do not mess with Mama Bear; leave her cubs alone
Or the life you place in peril, could well be your own.
Papa Bear can be ferocious and attack, this is true,
But Mama Bear will do damage and deliver hell 'to' you.

Mama Bear's most treacherous when she is protecting;
Mess with her cubs and she'll definitely be collecting.
Payback is a bitch and know, it will surely be in spades.
You'll wish she was just an alligator in the Everglades!

By the time you realise she's hot upon your trail,
All your efforts to escape will be to no avail.
She'll never lose your scent nor stray from her mission,
Until 'her' satisfaction comes to its fruition.

This could take a looooong time and it likely will,
Since hurting a Mama's cub comes with an attached bill,
A debt that is unpayable according to Mama Bear.
Threaten her world, you will have agony to spare!

Her cubs are her life. Her apron strings aren't ever cut.
If you dare to harm her cubs, expect a new hole in your butt!
She'll accept no excuses; for life you'll be in debt.
On her hook you shall remain and she never will forget!

Hurt a cub of hers and she will surely hunt you down
And only verbs will follow; there's no action in a noun.
The dictionary has no word to describe Mama Bear's wrath
And her ways of retribution are incalculable by math.

Let this be a warning with an urgency to heed.
Dismiss and disregard and face a law decreed.
Mama Bears, when their cub's wellness is at stake,
Seek their own justice should you make this mistake!

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Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
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