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"When we are hurt, the depth of pain we bear
Depends upon how much we truly Love and care."
~ Artsieladie Quote 

"Depth Of Love and Pain"
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When we Love a little, the amount of hurt's the same.
But when we Love immeasurably, the hurt's too much to name.
When another hurts us deeply and it cuts us to the core,
We know our Love runs so deep we couldn't Love them more.

To truly Love another, we must make vulnerable our heart
And so we must entrust to them our most fragile part.
It's a tremendous risk to put one's heart on the line
And so much safer not to, to ensure our heart stay fine.

So many Love conditionally with their parameters all preset
And from them a pre-assigned amount is all one can hope to get.
They want to know and feel what true Love's all about,
But they can't completely trust, put aside their doubt.

To truly Love such a person is a difficult thing to do,
Because they can't return the same deep Love for you.
For Love to truly work, both must be equally invested
To make and keep Love strong through times when Love is tested.

This holds true across the board with Love of any kind;
With any type of relationship where there's Love to find.
We often think of Love in just a romantic sense alone,
But this is only one way to Love and how Love is shown.

There's Love between parents and children so immense.
There's Love between siblings very deep and dense.
Then there's Love between friends that's second to none.
With so many ways to Love, we Love too, more than just one.

Most everyone we Love will hurt us eventually;
In one way or in another, in some capacity,
For with every type of Love, its strength must be tested
Just to validate how much two people are invested.

If both are equally so, the bond of Love will strengthen
With their relationship guaranteed to grow and to lengthen.
But if one or both are limited, conditionally invested,
The relationship will fold from the strain of being tested.

This is when Love can become a time of heartache so great;
When only one Loves deeply and the other can't reciprocate.
To add insult to injury, the one responsible holding blame
Can't begin to fathom the pain since they don't feel the same.

However, on the plus side, there's lots of Love that's true;
Love that's so strong and deep, nothing can break through.
This is the type of Love humanity needs to cultivate,
Before we can hope to win the war against all the hate.

Unfortunately, there are those who, without any shame,
Imitate and fake Love for to them it's just a game.
They're the great pretenders among us, only on the make
Just to take advantage and take all that they can take.

For Love we create conditions, parameters we set
To how much we'll invest and still expect to get.
But for money and possessions, no line will we draw
And for excessive lust and greed, we see in no flaw.

So it goes, we can't be hurt more than how much we Love and care.
The more shallow is our Love, the less pain we'll have to bear.
Only the bravest of souls will take a chance with their heart,
Gamble in search of true Love, invest their deepest part.

But even braver still are those who've suffered great pain
And still have the courage to reach out to truly Love again.
We can only expect returns equal to how much we invest;
When it comes to Love especially, no more can we request.

"The deeper we are hurt, the deeper the Love we bear,
For hurt can go no deeper than how much we Love and care."
~ Artsieladie Quote ©2017-06-15

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