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Just because others believe differently, live differently, look differently, etc., etc., this does NOT warrant treating others like they are lesser class people in ANY way whatsoever. Differences aren't one sided. One person sees another as different, but guess what? The other person also sees the same but in reverse. So, others may seem different to us, but to others, it is we who seem different to them as well. When we treat others badly simply because they don't fit in with our ideals, we then send those we attack for no valid reason an open invitation for them to treat us the same way. Harmony and peace are not possible in an environment where people continually practice antagonising other people causing the other people to continually reciprocate.

As long as other people aren't doing anything harmful to others, then this should be sufficient reasoning to let others live their lives in peace and to be treated with respect. Those who bring and cause harm to others are the ones who need to be dealt with and held accountable for their wrongdoings. Everyone has the right to defend themselves when need be, but we don't have the right to treat others badly when they are causing us no harm and just because others seem different, simply being different is not harmful. Therefore, when we antagonise or attack others simply because of differences, then it is we who are doing wrong. 

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Imposition is one of humans' greatest flaws.
Countless times proven as the underlying cause
Of immense human suffering throughout history,
In endless ways justified to levy extensive misery.

People in general can't accept others as they are;
Differences are perceived as a green light to mar
Another's character, reputation, and self esteem;
Beliefs, culture, and even another's right to dream.

There can be witnessed in each and every day
How people treat others in a disrespectful way.
When others' views are different, insults are flung
With vile name calling and with a vulgar tongue.

No where is it more apparent causing great division
Than with the topic of politics and with religion.
Then infantile behaviour any primate could surpass,
Intelligent humans stoop to, of the lowest class.

Imposing people attack when their views are rejected;
When others perceive differently than is expected.
Conformity to 'their' ways, imposing people demand,
Expecting others to abandon their own just by command.

When others are opposed, refusing to comply,
Imposing people attack with intent to crucify.
All their ego's ugly traits in highlighted arrogance,
Imposing people personify, willingly dispense.

Those who indulge their ego, reflect their vile side,
Forfeit their self respect, trade it in for ego's pride.
Their ego tells them they are so cool and so smart,
But in reality they exhibit their own shallow heart.

The human ego is a beast of self centeredness;
Lives in every human to indulge or to suppress.
When the ego is allowed to, the human heart, rule,
Humility is then sacrificed when ego wins the duel.

Humans are diversified, each uniquely created.
Together, our differences should be celebrated.
All in complete agreement, forcing conformity
Would be disastrous for progress within humanity.

People who impose on others, regardless what about,
Are the people most responsible, there is no doubt
For the lack of peace/contentment in our troubled world,
Because of their imposing ways always being hurled.

Those who believe they're superior, to others are above,
Are void of compassion and what it truly means to Love.
For Love can't live in a heart connected to a narrow mind,
Where the host is self absorbed, ego driven, and blind.

Someone's beliefs, race, colour, sexuality, or creed
Doesn't warrant treatment like they're a lesser breed.
Money and possessions doesn't make anyone superior,
But those who believe so, themselves they make inferior.

If people would be respectful, stop with their Impositions,
Stop forcing others to conform to their own ambitions,
All the world would benefit, all peoples everywhere.
Our differences we'd embrace with harmony to spare.

When our differences are an obstacle between us no more,
The true essence of humanity we'll then know like not before.
We can then work together as one, an undivided race
To thwart off and defeat all threats to humanity we face.

But in Imposition mode, which is current and prevailing,
We're kept weakened and divided; our unity is failing,
Making the majority of us primed, subject to control
By a wicked few and their puppets kept on their dole.

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Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2017-03-23 00:02:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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