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"Changed Name Became Changed Game"

If you don't want me around,
You won't need to ask me twice
Nor not even once with
The chill as cold as ice.

I see there has been
The changing of the guard.
The former warm and sweet,
The new now cold and hard.

You use a different name for me.
Am I to take it on the chin?
What exactly is it
That you're trying to rub in?

Did you think I wouldn't notice?
Or did you know I would,
To make things clear to me
That I'm no longer any good? 

You should know by now
That my radar isn't weak
And the game not to play with me,
Is the game of hide and seek.

It's amazing how things change
In the blink of an eye,
All because I questioned you,
Dared to ask you why.

Suddenly your Love
You felt for me PROFOUND
Has all but dissipated,
Now has a hallow sound. 

It is so hard to find
Love that is true.
Some bumps in the road
And all becomes askew. 

I put my Trust in you
When I gave to you my heart
Not thinking you would take it
Then tear it all apart.

I believed you and in you,
Thought you were an honest man.
Never for a second did I think
Deception was your plan.

I professed my Love for you.
You professed to me the same.
Though it is your Love that wasn't real,
You want me for mine to feel the shame.

Now you address me no longer with affection.
The name you're using spells clear rejection.
I couldn't help but notice your obvious clue
Telling me I mattered not any more to you.

So I made my exit, for not wanted any more,
I don't stick around and I'll take the exit door.
I wished to be wrong, for the same I prayed,
But you never called me back so away from you I stayed.

Although it was painful, broke my heart in two,
I had to know truly how much I meant to you
And when you never tried again to be in touch with me,
My heart knew and saw then what it didn't want to see.

But I was left to deal with all the feelings and emotion.
No longer could I express my Love for you and devotion,
Though it still remained, it was forbidden to impart,
And so my Love burned a huge hole, a void in my heart.

So when my name changed when me you did address,
Your message was loud and clear, though you won't confess.
But I hope you're happy now, you won, then my heart you broke,
All using and in the name of Love, to make my heart a joke.

Poem by Artsieladie/Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly 
©2014-12-09 03:44:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
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Graphics art by Artsieladie

Art by Artsieladie

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