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I am a huge fan of OSHO. This quote by OSHO inspired me to write this poem:

"Love is happy when it is able to give something. The ego is happy when it is able to take something." ~ OSHO

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"Love Vs Ego"

Love Loves to give much, to make another smile.
Ego loves to give just an inch to in turn take a mile.
Love Loves being kind and caring with compassion.
Ego doesn't care except to for itself have passion.

Love is humble, modest, considerate, and forgiving.
Ego is boastful, self-centered is its way of living.
Love supports the Truth, in honesty Love believes.
Ego accepts and tells lies, its host it then deceives.

Love is about all good things humanity does possess.
Ego is about whatever works including wickedness.
Love follows the path of right where Love does belong.
Ego follows the easiest route whether right or wrong.

Love holds the answers to resolve all disputes.
Ego prevents solutions, stubbornly refutes.
Love is the healer for all hearts and souls.
Ego favours dissension and friction as its goals.

Love promotes peace, joy, and happiness.
Ego thrives in chaos with everything a mess.
Love is alive and born in every soul and heart,
Until ego takes command of our central part.

Love is our Precious Gift. Hatred is Its thief.
Ego aids the thievery promoting false belief.
Love sustains us with hope, brings to us relief,
When ego has betrayed us, laden us with grief.

Love brings redemption, is saver of the soul.
Ego justifies wrong, will jeopardise the whole.
Love frees the spirit to know the joys of life.
Ego traps with guilt replacing joy with strife.

The heart is made to Love,
That our ego robs us of,
If our ego by its demand
Is allowed to take command.

Love is then denied
Replaced with ego's pride.
The cost becomes high
Because ego will deny,
Take from us our Love
We're made to, for, and of.

"Love is the giver; ego is the taker.
Love is the real; ego is the faker."

Poem/with quote by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly 
©2015-05-21 10:44:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
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Graphics art by Artsieladie

Art by Artsieladie

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