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"The Unspoken Knowledge"

I know more than I say and way more than I speak,
Of what I have learned, as the Truth I choose to seek.
I observe more than I say, notice way more than I repeat,
Pay attention to obscurities, drenched in knowledge sweet.

People say much more in what they do not say,
In what they avoid to address, they give themselves away.
I read between their lines in their hidden verse,
Where their real is exposed, are afraid of to disperse.

I note the inconsistencies, in my memory they're recorded
And when they show conflicting, the Truth I am afforded.
People only mind and thus will get angry and upset,
When secrets they are keeping and wanting to forget.

I invite anyone to think a stupid fool am I,
Because my heart's voice will not be quiet, shy.
Please be my guest, assume what you will,
Whatever floats your boat, gives you a thrill.

But don't be too surprised, if when me you try to fry,
You find yourself already cooked and hung out to dry.
Because as I go along, I am acutely made aware
Of both what is said and the avoidance of with care.

When people with me try to pretend
They are my buddy, they are my friend,
I'll let them believe that I think they are,
Frenemies are focused on by my super keen radar.

When someone sneaks around and behind my back,
Thinking I'm not seeing, that I'm not keeping track,
Of whom I can or cannot Trust, this is how I'll learn,
Who is really true and who will try to me, burn.

I suggest to all those who try to pull my leg,
It won't take me long to figure you and peg,
But you won't know this. You won't have a clue.
You'll think you're fooling me but I'll be fooling you!

Now, special verses I am including here,
Just to make a point very, very clear.
Mess with my heart or assist someone to,
Be prepared then, the rewards awaiting you!

Cause my heart great pain, heartache, and grief,
Just to please your ego or to be a jealous thief,
Or for any other reason you choose, elect to justify,
The world will learn who you are with proof as my ally.

I know when I'm being fooled and I know when I am not.
If the fore you choose to partake of, it won't be forgot.
I will forgive though, for with my forgiveness I am free,
But the forgiven by shackles of guilt, will laden be.

Oh, yeah, I do, know way more than I say,
But this doesn't mean I'll give this all away.
Especially to one pulling wool over my eyes,
And I KNOW they are in spite of their disguise.

Poem by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly 
©2015-04-26 02:25:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
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Graphics art by Artsieladie

Art by Artsieladie

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