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Where Love lives, hope does thrive.
Humanity needs both to survive.
~ Artsieladie Quote

"Hope For The World Resides In Love"

How can we hope for the world to change,
When we aren't willing to make the exchange
Of applying Love instead of hate,
Of telling Truth and of lies negate?

We do wrongs we know better naught,
Then get angry when we get caught
And then justify to avoid confessing,
Blame another for our transgressing.

We're ego rich, humility poor
With brain evolved, yet immature.
Understanding is in short supply,
We judge before we know the why.

We impose on others and then condemn
What we wouldn't accept ourselves from them.
We aren't interested in seeking resolutions,
Unless favourable for us are the solutions.

We declare others wrong if they don't agree,
With limited vision we lack the sight to see.
We want what we want when we desire
Without having to earn before we acquire.

We want more and more, are thankful less.
Upon ourselves we bring undue stress,
Supplying us with a shorted out, much shorter fuse,
Patience gone we abuse as ourselves we then excuse.

We assume the worst, given the choice,
Complain a lot, we'll use our voice,
Until against wrong we must speak,
We then become silent and meek.

We compromise when we should stand firm,
For our principles and values we should affirm.
But when we should be yielding, bending,
We are stubborn, rigid, denying mending.

We humans must like to keep attorneys employed,
For the Components of Love we make null and void,
Which keeps us then in constant dissension,
While lawyers make money of great dimension.

We put all our faith in materialism,
Worshiping 'things' is our realism.
We humans have Love, we Love to hate,
The darker side we Love to accentuate.

We apply more effort with projecting fake
Than we do with our real to better make.
If we turned just this equation around,
We would reap rewards so profound.

Is it any wonder why big problems can't be resolved,
When little ones between two people can't be solved?
They can't be solved 'cause one side or both will not give
An inch to listen, to reason, to understand, to forgive.

How can we hope for the world to change,
When we are not willing to rearrange
Our attitudes to Love and others lift,
Apply, incorporate, our Precious Gift?

Hope For The World Resides In Love,
What we're all made from, for, to, and of.
Of all our resources, always renewable,
Love's the Answer and Always Doable!

Poem by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2015-04-10 22:11:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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