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We, The People, of the world need to awaken, step away from our comfort zones and make ourselves aware of what's REALLY going on in our world. We need to stop focusing on our differences and focus on taking the power away from the power hungry, greedy zealots and return the power back into the hands "of The People", where the power rightfully belongs but we can't do this when we are distracted and divided by our differences. We are allowing the zealots to "divide and conquer" us. By us not paying attention closely, by allowing mainstream media to feed us propaganda, we are way too willing to accept as truth, little by little we are losing ground to the zealots just like in this poem where the tree is being slowly chipped away.

"Tree Of Freedom"

There is a stately tree that stands proudly in the park.
Every day another chip is taken from its protective bark.
Days goes by, weeks, months, even years,
As the sound of the axe falls on closed, deafened ears.

Til one day the stately tree topples to the ground,
Its mighty thud is heard for miles and miles around.
As the people gather 'round, wondering why it fell,
There is a whisper in the breeze, a story it must tell.

"The tree, majestically it stood, so mighty and so tall,
Its value and its worth, for granted, taken by one and all.
People never noticed as it was chipped away,
As each tiny chip was taken day after day.
Not until the tree could no longer stand,
Have the people noticed its value, just how grand."

Like the stately tree that is chipped away,
Our rights and our freedoms, we're losing every day.
The government swings the axe as we pay no mind,
Each tiny chip taken, while we remain blind.

As the axe hits its mark, LISTEN to the sound,
SEE the chips fly and fall to the ground.
Now fast forward this, multiplied, ahead,
The math is very simple to do in one's head.

Are we going to wait until fallen is the tree,
Or are we going to save it, all for you and me?
It's time to take the axe from the abusive hand.
"People take back control! LET FREEDOM STAND!"

Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
All rights reserved.
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