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Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

Inspired by someone I held dear,
One who's flame I did so revere, 

But all too soon his flame burned out,
But his spark remains, I have no doubt.

A candle's flame that's brilliant, bright, 
Can only be from Love's own Light.
~ Artsieladie

"Candle Holder"

Candle Holder, where's your flame?
Have you allowed dark to claim?
Candle Holder, you once burned bright
And now your flame is lost from sight.

Where is thou's brilliant flame
That burned for Love with no shame?
Where is thou's luminous Light
That once stole the darkest night?

Why have you let your Flame of Light go out,
Love's Path abandoned for a different route?
Where is the glow, where is the shine
Of God's Love and Light so Divine?

What thief has robbed you, left you bare
With no more flame, its Light to share?
Your beautiful rose has been also seized,
What thief is now within you pleased?

Your humbleness has been taken over,
Enshrouded in thorns, not sweetest clover.
Are you content, a prisoner and defeated?
Have you, Candle Holder, now conceded?

Are you happy behind the wall
Pride has built so thick and tall
Or do you long for to be free,
Back luminous as you used to be?

If the latter's true, 'tis what you feel,
Don't let darkness from you steal,
For ego and pride and their friends
Will lead you to sad and bitter ends.

You'll be convinced, through deceiving,
That Love is lost, make you believing
Because evil knows it cannot win
Against Love, its opposing twin.

The Truth is, the Flame of Love never dies
Although it may be lost from one's eyes.
Inspect closely your heart inside,
Love's still there and hasn't died.

Traits of darkness may hide Love well,
But cannot from one's heart, expel,
Not completely, but Love that's captive
Can be rendered, made inactive.

Another heart with Love on active duty
Can ignite the spark, revive Love's beauty,
Return the flame, bring back to sight,
The brilliant essence of God's Love and Light.

Love has not abandoned you
For Love's of God, always true.
Although your flame is in the dark,
There still remains of Love, a spark.

So Candle Holder, where's your flame?
Are you going to allow for dark to claim?
Or are you still with strong desire,
To bring the spark back to a fire?

Candle Holder, where's your Light,
So brilliant, luminous, ever bright?
Please do not let darkness win.
Bring back to life your flame again.

Dear Candle Holder, 
Where's your Light? Where's your flame?
To not them reignite 'twould be a shame.

Candle Holder of Love and Light,
Burn again your Candle bright!

"A Candle Holder controls the flame
Of the Candle its hold does lay to claim.
If the Candle glows brightly, it's the Light of,
From the Holder's Heart, filled with Love."

Poetic verse and quotes by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2015-07-04 22:32:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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