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Too often a person is afraid to let their real show because they think their real, true self won't be seen as 'good enough' by others and/or by one they have feelings for. But the truth is, the people who think you're not good enough, don't or shouldn't anyway, matter. Only those who truly care and Love you truly matter and those who do, will Love and care for you how you are and so, you will be and are 'good enough'.

Real is real; fake is fake.
Fake can't ever real better make!
~ Artsieladie Quote

"REAL Is Perfect"

Everything was wonderful, or so it seemed.
Everything was just as I had always dreamed.
But as wonderful as everything was,
It didn't seem quite real because
Everything was perfect without a single flaw
And as much as I Loved everything I saw,
I was always afraid the other shoe would drop,
Spots that were hidden would soon reach the top.
I didn't want to make a mess, to on a shadow, cast,
But if there's hidden Truth, perceived beauty cannot last.

Everything was pretty, gifts, words, charm.
Naturally, I didn't want to sound an alarm
That could put an end to all of this,
Absolutely perfect with much joy and bliss.
I struggled each time I would get a scent
Of something off, but not knowing what it meant
I questioned my Intuition, placed in myself, doubt,
Hoping to be wrong, I tried to stamp the feelings out.
Every time he avoided something in his reply
And became a repeated pattern, I had to wonder why.
When there's a common denominator of one or more,
This will narrow down the areas needed to explore.
When with certain things or topics I would say and/or do,
There was a change in attitude clearly showing through.

I have no record of any deliberate lies
Nor do I think he is a master of disguise.
This is not his style, not that I perceive,
I have no valid reason him to not believe.
He is a man of honour, integrity astounding,
Virtuous and humble, Faith in God abounding;
Still has my full respect, which he's more than earned.
My Love for him remains in spite of what I've learned.
When you really care for someone, this caring doesn't end,
Especially when they have become a most amazing friend.

Although I checked thoroughly, I never really saw,
So I had him on a pedestal for I couldn't find a flaw.
When I began to sense that he is human just like me,
Well, of course, I had to investigate further just to see.
When this became apparent, I felt some disillusion.
Emotionally I fought against to come to this conclusion
For I was afraid I may not be quite as impressed
But what I found instead, I was still so blessed.
He has not become lesser in my heart nor in my eyes,
He's perfectly REAL now with no perfect in disguise!

Poem by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2014-11-01 12:12:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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