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Ever been on a new road only to see it becoming all too familiar, similar to one you've been on previously that didn't pan out well, especially in regards to relationship wise? 

"Old Familiar Road"

The roads of life I've traveled on through every twist and bend,
Have always led me to the same, inevitable dead end.
They always start out with promise, fruitful and so sweet,
Everything I'd ever hoped for at last to finally meet.
Then there would be signs popping up along the way,
Heeding me with warnings, I was headed for dismay.
But thinking I was dragging my past into the present,
I was adamant I was wrong, afraid to enjoy the pleasant.
I put on rose coloured glasses, dismissing negative,
Allowing my eyes to see only, just the positive.

But by and by I would find after being captured,
Once my guard was down, my heart was enraptured,
I was the one who was Loving with all of my heart,
Carrying them within, in my ever deepest part.
While with the one I loved, I held no special place,
Any other heart could be and fill in my space.

Now, things are different, no glasses do I wear.
Anyone can 'say' to me that they Love and care.
They can flood me with compliments, my heart to entice,
But this time, I'm not nibbling on things sweet and nice.
Yes, I will Love because I grow Love in my heart,
All for the purpose of, on others to shower and impart.
But the number one position after God's will remain,
Unclaimed until one is worthy of being there to reign.
This very special place shall be kept reserved,
For my One True Love, proven thus deserved.

Nosiree, this time will be different to be sure.
There will be no more heartache for me to endure.
If I think I'm being dangled on another's yo-yo string,
I will cut the cord for I will not play along and swing.
I'll not be another's game piece nor their toy with which to play.
A hint of any such and I will send them on their way.

My extra sensory perception will be on very high alert,
So that I may see through every superficial flirt.
Because if a man wants to be in the number one position,
The select, chosen place, with no competition,
Then my heart must know without a shred of doubt,
That I am too his number one and sad he'd be without.
For one to be the center my Love revolves around,
Proof of theirs I'll need to have my Love profound.
The Old Familiar Road I will venture on no more.
Dead ends aren't pleasant to either travel or explore.

For one who falls in Love with one who does not,
Such pain to endure's unbearable, never soon forgot.
Too many broken pieces I've been left with in the past.
Too many roads to nowhere, never meant to last.
I'll give them not the pleasure of my Love surreal,
While from me, my heart and dignity they steal.

So, in my Castle of Love I shall stay and reside.
I'd rather be alone than serve another's foolish pride.
I'll not be someone's joke nor will I beg and plead.
No longer will I compromise to be another's feed.
I'll not be their fill-in nor will I be their second best,
Nor at their convenience just when they need, request.
That Old Familiar Road I have now retired from.
The King of my Heart must now to my castle come.
If he's the One for me, he'll prove this and show,
That his Love's for real with no doubts in me to know.

Poem by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2014-11-08 11:00:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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